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Everything below is included in the Website Package:

1.  Your Own Domain Name  (example: 
A domain name is simply an address on the Internet. Rather than trying to remember the boring IP numbers simply type www.YourDomain

2.  Web Hosting
For more advanced customers, you can take advantage of our hosting service. This allows you to build a site from scratch. This allows you to build a custom WebSite just as you want it, then upload the files to our servers. Hosting gives you the ultimate in flexibility!

3.  WebSite-Builder

  • No WebSite design experience?
  • No Problem!
  • Be online in minutes.
  • Cutting edge drag-and-drop interface!
  • Quick and Easy WebSite Building

4.  Tutorial Videos (How to videos)

  • How to use Site Builder to construct your website
  • How to set up your email accounts
  • Showing you Top Marketing Tips
  • Showing you how to use the Marketing Tools and Marketing Kit
  • How to drive Traffic to Your Website
  • And More!

5.  Webmail YourName@YourDomain 
Check your email on the web, your smartphone, or Forward email to any existing email address

  • AJAX web and Mobile interface
  • Cloud file editing and storage
  • Tagging and Conversations
  • Advanced Search
  • Personal Spam Controls
6.  Website Forum 
  • A message board, is an online discussion site where people (Family Members, Team Members, etc.) can hold conversations in the form of posted messages.  They differ from chat rooms in that messages are often longer than one line of text.
7. Wordpress
  • The world's most popular blogging software where you can host your blog at your domain, or at a subdomain; up to 10 GB of storage and 5 different blogs at once!
8. URL Forwarding
  • Our URL forwarding option is perfect if you already have a website created elsewhere, but are unable to move the existing content. When someone visits your domain, they will be automatically transported to your existing website instantly!
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    Who is taking advantage of our Free Website Packages?

    • Small town brick and mortar businesses so they can sell their products online, around the world, to help them earn more revenue.
    • Charitable organizations to help them raise more revenue for their important cause.
    • Work from home individuals that create their own worldwide online presence to offer their goods and services.
    • Sports teams for supporting money raising efforts and for posting game action pics, videos etc.
    • Affiliate/network marketers to help them establish their own online presence and be able to utilize their affiliate links in a more productive manner.
    • Families creating websites posting updates, pics and they are taking advantage of the private forum to help them stay connected.
    • Last but not least, people are utilizing this one of a kind product to put their self in business, taking advantage of the awesome unlimited reoccurring monthly commissions by making this their business and offering Free Website Packages worldwide.
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